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 List of animals and the animal loots.

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List of animals and the animal loots. Empty
PostSubject: List of animals and the animal loots.   List of animals and the animal loots. Icon_minitimeThu Jun 17, 2010 11:11 am

Lists of animals Animal Loots
American Buffalo Buffalo meat, Buffalo Horns, Buffalo Skin
Armadillos Armadillo Carapace, Armadillo Meat
Beavers Beaver Meat, Beaver Fur
Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Meat, Bighorn Horns, Bighorn Skin
Boars Boar Meat, Boar Tusks, Boar Skin
Bobcats Bobcat Fur, Bobcat Claw, Bobcat Meat
Bucks Buck Meat, Buck Skin, Buck Antlers
Cows Cow Hide, Cow Meat
Chickens Chicken Feathers
Coyotes Coyote Pelt, Coyote Meat
Cougars Cougar Meat, Cougar Claw, Cougar Fang, Cougar Pelt
Crows Crow Feathers
Deer Deer Meat, Deer Skin
Dogs Dog Meat, Dog Fur
Ducks Duck Feathers
Eagles Eagle Feathers
Elk Elk Skin, Elk Antlers, Elk Meat
Foxes Fox Meat, Fox Fur
Goats Goat Meat
Grizzly Bears Grizzly Furs, Grizzly Claws, Grizzly Meat, Grizzly Teeth, Grizzly Heart
Hawks Hawk Feathers
Horses Horse Meat, Horse Hide
Mules Mule Meat, Mule Hide
Owls Owl Feathers
Pigs Pig Meat
Rabbits Rabbit Meat
Raccoons Raccoon Meat, Raccoon Pelt
Rattlesnakes Snake Skin
Seagulls Feathers

Songbirds Songbird Feathers
Sheep Sheep Wool, Sheep Meat
Skunks Skunk Fur, Skunk Meat
Vultures Vulture Feather
Wolves Wolf Meat, Wolf Pelt, Wolf Heart
Legendary Loots
Brumas the Bear Brumas' Meat, Brumas' Tooth, Brumas' Heart, Brumas' Claw, Brumas' Fur
Lobo the Wolf Lobo's Heart, Lobo's Meat, Lobo's Pelt
Gordo the Boar Gordo's Tusks, Gordo's Meat, Gordo's Heart
Khan the Jaguar Khan's Heart, Khan's Fang, Khan's Pelt, Khan's Meat
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List of animals and the animal loots.
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