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 Rated's Mod Shop *CLOSED*

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PostSubject: Rated's Mod Shop *CLOSED*   Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:44 am

Arrow Rated's Mod Shop! Arrow

Lobby Status: Offline

Lobby Video Proof

Everything: $20
Infections: $5
Lifetime Infections pass: $10
*Note: Prices may be negotiable.
So don't feel sad if this is out of your price range.
Just message me on here to talk about it*

Payment Options:
Send $20 via Paypal to MW210thLobbies@live.com AS A GIFT OR YOUR PAYMENT WILL BE REFUNDED!. In the notes, Include the following: Your Gamertag, Your account information (ONLY IF I'M DOING SYSTEM LINK LOBBIES!!), Include the quote "I know the circumstances of JTAGGING my account to 10th Prestige in MW2. If I receive any kind of punishment for my Xbox Live account. I take will responsibility and will not blame you.", And any other information you would like to include.

My JTAG Proof:
Click HERE to view my Proof.

The (Payed) Online Lobby Includes:
Major Mods (All the mods that are mostly wanted the most)
→Instant Level 70
→10 Second Unlock All with Shown Process Bar with Clan Tag change, and Colored Custom Classes
→ Unlock All Accolades and add 1600 to each one.

Leaderboard Mods (All The Mods using the Leaderboards)
Reset Leaderboards to 0. (Incase you're scared of being banned)
2 Billion and Balanced Leaderboards including 18 Days Added.


A * means it can be used in public matches.

Laser Sight on All Weapons*
Pro Aimbot (Features Aimbot, Lock-On Chest, Auto-Aim on Chest, and Red Rectangles around people)*
UAV Always On with an Enlarged Compass*
Super Melee (Far Melee), Instant Reload (Fast Fire Weapons), Super Steady-Aim (" " crosshair, for 100% accuracy on blindfires)*
Fast Sprint*
Nukes in Care Packages and Emergency Airdrops*
See Names Through Walls*
Predator Missle Maytrdom*
2 Second Nuke Timer*
Talk to Other Team, Hear Other Team (if the person you're hearing has the infection as well)*
No Jump Slowdown*
Zero Gravity on Objects*
Unlimited Max Explosives Used
Animated Weapon Hints (shows an animated picture in the "Press X to pickup [weapon]")*
MOTD is "Chocolate RUNS Your s*** <3 In Later News: M$ fail with another JTAG Patch."*
Pick your Colored Enemy Crosshair
Godmode against Melee's
6 Ping Bars
No White Flash or Stop Movement from Flash Grenade
Super FMJ when Host
Instant Kill when Host
Incredible Turtle Beaches

Developer Mode (Shows script on Bottom left of screen, shows Class 11: [DEV] Replay)*
Show Entity Count (Shows The Types, and Number of Entities)*
1337 Hacker (Draws boxes around each element in the game)*

Cartoon View*
Black Hole Vision*
See Through Walls (Will break apart the wall, and let you see through the closest wall)*
Be Rainbow when You're out of the LightGrid.

The (Payed) System Link Lobby Includes:
10th Prestige
All title's and emblems Unlocked (Thats also means spinning tenth coin)
All Challenges FULLY Unlocked
Custom Classes (Can't Be used anymore)

Contact Information:
AIM - Trixmarion
XbL - OG Rated, TTG RiioT
d3d - Rated
Paypal/Email - MW210thLobbies@live.com

Livestream proof Here!

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Rated's Mod Shop *CLOSED*
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